Learn How to Move with Ease and Comfort

Janice Boles, Alexander Technique Teacher in Westfield, NJ

Janice Boles, Teacher of the Alexander Technique

  • Improve body use and functioning
  • Develop awareness
  • Restore natural breathing
  • Calm the mind
  • Relieve tension
  • Take control of your coordination
  • Regain balance
  • Refine kinesthetic sense
  • Increase range of motion
  • Uncover vitality

The Alexander Technique is a way of learning how to move easily and comfortably in everyday life without putting undue tension on the muscles, joints or nerves. This gentle process shows us where we may have acquired inefficient patterns of movement that are hindering our ability to move in harmony with the natural design of the body.

It is a simple yet powerful approach that invites the student to participate in the learning process. Instead of a passive treatment, the student enters into an exploration that uncovers his or her own unique way of moving. The student then learns a skill that promotes more efficient, easy movement, a skill that can be applied to any situation at any time one chooses. After lessons, the student will often experience more lightness in the body and a greater freedom of movement.

The student also will become more attuned to the most appropriate amount of effort required for a specific activity. As a result, one may avoid wasting energy that is not required for an action, and therefore have more energy available for all the activities of life.

The Alexander Technique is the thoughtful person’s way of learning how best to operate the delicate organism that is the human body.