About Janice

Janice Boles, Alexander Technique Teacher and Ballroom Dancer

Janice at a ballroom dance competition

Janice came to the Alexander Technique through her career as a ballroom dancer. She competed in professional ballroom dance competitions for many years, but was frustrated at the sometimes contradictory information she was receiving from her various coaches. She began looking for a way of approaching movement that would hold true for the body in anything she wanted to do, and found that in the Alexander Technique. After studying the technique, she found that her dancing became much more pleasurable, balanced and free. She became very comfortable “in her own skin,” and had more energy throughout the day. After Janice retired from competition, she trained for three years at the American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT) in New York City to become a teacher of the technique. She is now very happy to share the technique with her ballroom dance students, as well as with anyone who wants to learn how to move with more ease and pleasure in everyday life.